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FT Island - Neverland/ Hit the Sands (left ear Japanese, right ear English)

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ftgtjhc: Attacking the summer #TRX Mountain Climber , #TRX Pike & Push-Up

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[FTNews] Rocker Kim Kyungho: FTISLAND, CNBLUE Are Rock Bands


Rocker Kim Kyungho is calling FTISLAND and CNBLUE rock bands.

Kim Kyungho joined other two rock stars Jung Joonyoung and No Minwoo on Mnet ‘Toilet’ that aired on June 26th to talk about Korean rock culture.

Reaction To CNBLUE, FTISLAND “Why Is That Rock?”

While discussing how…

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ace of angels ♡ a guide for starters:



(from left to right: youkyung, choa, chanmi, hyejeong, seolhyun, yuna, jimin and mina.)

aoa (short for ace of angels) is fnc’s first and, as of now, only girl group. they debuted in 2012 with the song elvis (which is their fandom name, by the way). aoa is composed by 8 members: jimin, choa, yuna, youkyung, mina, hyejeong, seolhyun and chanmi. as 8, they’re aoa. as 7, they’re aoa white (all the girls except for youkyung). as 5, they’re aoa black (jimin, choa, yuna, youkyung and mina). aoa white is the dance group, aoa black is the band and together they are aoa (yeah, just aoa).

aoa: elvis (band version), get out.
aoa black: moya.
aoa white: confused, miniskirt (extended cut).

♡ if you call aoa black or aoa white a subunit i’ll go after you and kill you in your sleep. they’re not subunits, thanks. ♡

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FTISLAND members

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I wanna bring home this cutie~

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A Guide to FT Island's Japanese MVs

Friendship:Foetus Island in black and white.
Soyogi:Another special effects disaster.
The One:Jaejin's best birthday party ever.
I Believe Myself:Filmed on Seunghyun's GoPro.
Raining:Doesn't actually rain much.
Flower Rock:The debut of SF Heroes.
Brand-New Days:MV-ception.
Treasure:So Today - The Prequel
So Today:Treasure - The Sequel
Satisfaction:Only 3 seconds long if played at normal speed.
Haruka:We fired the lighting guy.
Let it Go!:FT Island high on sugar.
Distance:Pleased to meet you Mr. Tumnus, I'm Lucy Pevensie.
Neverland:The live action anime adaption.
Stay:FT Island - Acoustic Live 2012.
Top Secret:Your computer has a virus.
Polar Star:In a teenage girl's bedroom.
You Are My Life:The most exclusive wedding ever (even the groom didn't make it past security).
Freedom:Trippy as fu-
Orange Sky:A Shakespearean sonnet.
Theory of Happiness:Lowered the heck out of the saturation 'cuz yolo.
Beautiful:Wow plot.
Mitaiken Future:Lol jks, there's no plot. Aint nobody got time for dat.
Be Free:This is FT Island when they have no fucks left to give.
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